Teaching Tips for New Teachers

The campus in Cornwall, besides having arguably the nicest campus, is fortunate to have faculty with great ideas, and this next resource comes from a faculty member from Cornwall, Julie Smith. Julie was asked to develop a cheat sheet of sorts for new teachers. Her list is short and to the point and includes a lot of valuable information:

  1. Connect the information in your lesson plan to the learning outcomes reflected in the course outline.
  2. Connect theory to real world experience. Real examples help to make the theory understandable.
  3. Make sure that your tests and the test weightings reflect the emphasis you have given the material in class.
  4. Keep in mind that just because you have said it once, the students have not automatically absorbed the information.
  5. Use a variety of techniques to deliver the same material; this variety will help you to engage students and meet different learning styles.
  6. Allow time for the students to take notes and absorb the concepts. Do not rush the lecture. Connect theory with activities. The activities should be designed to reinforce the lesson’s key concepts.
  7. Use the textbooks but do not read from the textbook.
  8. Outline your assignment expectations clearly. Give the students guidelines but leave room for thought and reflection.
  9. Be in tune with your students. Pay attention and listen to them. Read the body language.
  10. Model professionalism.

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