MOOCs: What We Can Learn About Online Teaching and Learning

Having recently developed an online course, which I am now in the midst of delivering, I am particularly keen to learn as much as I can about best practices for this type of instruction and delivery. I have been meeting with other recent online developers and already we have learned some interesting lessons. For example, considering the timing of assessments, particulalry at the beginning of the course. With a lag in enrollment, many of us who planned an assessment in the early weeks of the course are having to reconsider the timing to ensure that all students enrolled have an opportunity to complete the assignments on time.

Another realization has been that despite our perception of the students technological ability, there are many who are genuinely terrified of this “new” mode of delivery, and the initial weeks of the course for some has been spent addressing technical issues instead of questions about content.

With all this in mind, I found this recent article that shares some of the lessons we can learn about online delivery through MOOCs. If you are considering developing an online course, this material may be of use:


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