Early Childhood Education Establishes Community

Michelle Edey in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program has been busy. Not only is she busy teaching courses and developing new ones, she has recently implemented a new initiative in the ECE community in Kingston.

Michelle is now hosting monthly meetings at SLC for ECE professionals and students to come together and share information and resources. Many working in the field are unable to connect with other professionals during their work day, so these monthly meetings are an attempt to bring the community together to network, engage in discussions, and review new best practice strategies. For example, participants in the first meeting are currently reading Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from Research About Young Children and will reconvene next month to review the document together and discuss its impact on their profession. 

More than 20 people attended the first meeting and 13 were SLC alumni. If you know anyone working in the profession who would be interested in attending the meetings, pass on the word. The meetings take place the third Wednesday of every month. If you would like more information about this initiative, please email Michelle at medey@sl.on.ca.


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