Alternative to Traditional Presentations


It seems like every semester at some point many faculty enter a period of in-class presentations. I definitely use them in my Communications courses. And as much as I believe in using the project as a skill building assignment, they also take up a LOT of time. That is why I was very interested to read about an alternative approach to the traditional in-class presentation: an online presentation. Even in writing those last few words I can hear the collective sigh of relief of many of our students at the possibility of not having to present, in person, in front of a group.

The article “Maximize In-Class Time by Moving Student Presentations Online” provides a step-by-step guide to facilitating presentations online. In reading through the steps, it does appear that there are some technical requirements but not any drastic limitations to implementing the strategy. If you’re interested in trying something new when it comes to student presentations, you can read the entire article here:


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