Taking Teaching Outside

Carpentry Photo 1


Recently, the lawns around St. Lawrence’s Kingston campus have been strewn with different wooden creations. You  may have seen them. This has been the work of the Carpentry students, and they have been busy taking their learning outside.

The students have been learning how to build an 8′ x 10′ building and what you may have seen the students working on are the footings for the buildings. The students were given a dimensional drawing and were then asked to come up with a tool list, a sequence of operations, and a bill of materials/cutting list to determine how much lumber they would need to complete the project, all of which needed to be handed in and marked before they began cutting.

The project is also a group project. The students were divided into groups of four and worked together to lay out the outside walls of the building and sledge hammer in the batter boards before constructing the footings.

The project is a great reminder of the power of learning by doing, one of the best ways to learn.

Thanks to Jamie Seaby, the faculty member teaching the course, for providing all the technical information.


Carpentry Photo 2



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