The Class Trip: Learning Out of the Classroom

Tyendinaga Picture

Hands down, the most rewarding teaching experiences for me have been those teaching moments that take place out of the classroom. And in my experience, it is these moments that the students remember the most as well. Just last week, Alison Bonham took her Social Service Worker students from the Kingston campus to Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in order to learn first-hand about First Nations culture and traditions from students and faculty in the Social Service Worker Program at First Nations Technical Institute. The trip had two objectives:

  • to learn about the use and importance of story-telling, song/music and circle in Aboriginal communities in order to increase their cultural competency.
  • to be able to obtain accurate information regarding Aboriginal traditions and culture which will improve their ability to provide culturally sensitive service and support to First Nations clients.

In the feedback Alison has already received from the students who took part in the trip, there were countless lessons learned that day. Perhaps some lessons were expected, but arguably the greatest reward are those unexpected lessons learned.



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