Word and PowerPoint Efficiency: The Benefits of AODA

Having recently had an opportunity to sit in on a session with Valerie East, AODA Adaptive Technologist and all-round Microsoft guru, I have come to realize how little I actually know about the Microsoft Word program. If you are anything like me, you may never have actually taken a course on how to use the software, despite being required to use it on a day-to-day basis. The same can be said for PowerPoint. In watching someone do it well, I am now keenly aware of how many ways I could be improving my understanding of these programs, all of which has come about because of our need to become AODA compliant.

As it turns out, creating documents that are AODA compliant, meaning accessible to all our students, is much easier than anticipated. Furthermore, in creating compliant documents, we actually have the opportunity to use programs like Word and PowerPoint as they were meant to be used. The added bonus is this actually makes our lives easier, not more difficult. For example, Valerie can show you how to automatically generate a Table of Contents or how to use <CTRL> + <Enter> to force a page break.

Valerie will be running Accessibility Workshops in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Should you have a chance, I would highly recommend attending. If you are too busy with end of semester responsibilities, Valerie is also available for one-on-one sessions that you can schedule for the new year. You can reach Valerie at veast@sl.on.ca or at ext.1127.


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