Using Pinterest for Student Assignments

Carolle Boudreau, E-Learning Specialist for Brockville and Cornwall, was kind enough to pass on information about a project she did with the students in her Introduction to Nutrition class this semester that included Pinterest. As you may recall, Spark wrote a blog post about how to use Pinterest in the classroom back in September. If you missed the post, you can find it here:

Carolle asked her students to create a Nutrition Board using information they were able to find on Pinterest. As Carolle admits, not everything on Pinterest is of educational value, but the assignment required students to find information that is useful in terms of better understanding health and nutrition.

If you are interested in reading more about Carolle’s assignment, reviewing her rubric, or seeing a student example, check out the following: Pinterest LAST.


The Tricks of Memorizing

In this the last week of the fall semester, the concept of memory and memorizing came to mind as students are busy studying and writing their final tests. I can still easily recall how challenging it was to memorize information for final exams, and also how quickly I seemed to forget the information after the exam had been written. A Ted Talk by Joshua Foer addresses the history and strategies of memorizing material in his talk “The Complexity of Memory: Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do,” which might be information for both you and your students. If you are looking for a reprieve from your marking, check out Foer’s interesting presentation.

The Complexity of Memory