The Thaw

File:Evelyn Nesbit Thaw by Bain News Service, 1913.jpg

Evelyn Nesbit Thaw by Bain News Service, 1913

With a name like “Thaw,” how could I not include this image.

As many of us are battling our way toward the end of the semester after an impossibly cold winter, the looming thaw and the hope of spring is finally in the air. I could tell last week in class when the energy level of the students was higher than usual, and not in a productive way. It was like a frenzy of energy that I was trying unsuccessfully to manage. The kind of energy that sets in when the longer days have returned and the students can sense that the end is near.

At this time of year, trying to maintain one’s enthusiasm can become more and more challenging, so I appreciated this blog by Dr. Hal Urban, a professor, in which he attempts to spell out enthusiasm, as it relates to teaching, one letter at time. In particular, I like his comment that teaching is tough: “Teaching is not for sissies,” he claims and I agree! This is particularly true for teachers in Ontario teaching in the winter. I also enjoyed his comment about having a sense of humour in the class: “You will die in the classroom without one.” A moment’s chuckle with students during class has saved me more times than I can name.

If you’re a little lacking in the enthusiasm department and want to read more, click here: If you’re too tired to try, hold fast. Spring is almost here. I swear. Really.


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